CareCept’s care team work with surviving family members to help them through the grieving process. Supports include a trained volunteer or counselor visiting the family at specific periods during the first year, as well as phone calls, letters, and supports groups.  Our Grief Recovery Program teaches choices that help people “move beyond” the pain caused by loss. It is a 12 week program lead by employees who have been trained and certified. It creates a safe environment in which to look at old benefits about dealing with loss. It is offered at no charge and is available to anyone in need of grief support. Our Grief Healing Program recognizes that grievers process loss in individual ways, with different time tables and levels of intensity. Chaplins, volunteers and bereavement coordinators are major contributors to this program.  We hold memorial services to honor the memory of the patients we have served. Families are invited to attend the services to celebrate the life of their loved one.